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operation this will most..
On top of having a cold with my gag reflex acting up I just got 5 shots in my right shoulder. Kill me

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Awwww. I won't kill you, but I will offer you hugs.

*HUGS* Feel better soon, hon! ♥

thanks! i also love the icon. ^.^ winchester hugs are the best.

Winchester hugs cure all ailments, I'm pretty sure.

Look, wee!chester hugs! Well, as close to a hug a 'super-cool' teen!Dean ever gets to one.

dude your totally making my day with your awesome winchester bromance icons.

(Deleted comment)
sorry for giving my cold to you...

Don't worry about it. I'm already starting to get over it... I hope. Unless it's lulling me into a false sense of security then bam it'll hit me harder.
You don't have to cry on my account ^.^ hehe

well the bug has been doing a roller coaster effect on me. I'm good! No I'm not. I'm good! I'm gonna die.

Yup defiantly got it from you *mock glare.*
p.s. i guess i'll forgive you because of your icon.

Woot totally just leveled to 64 ^.^

Oh i forgot to mention i leveled up going through helhound droppings searching for a key. the gms love fucking with us



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