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operation this will most..
I love that I logged off WoW telling myself that I'd do some of my own writing and instead started reading Harry/Draco fanfiction.... I suck at life.

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That's totally something I have done a hundred times, myself.

hahaha we should make a club for this kind of thing.
p.s. love your icon!!!!

*shuffles foot* but its fun...

Why don't you do some writing?

and I send you wincest vid with evil!dean killing girls that sam likes? ^.^

sick is a relative term with us love ^.^ and I'll watch it after I finish reading this chapter.

oh and I sent you something over hotmail. Check it out.

Oh I saw that and I loved it. XD

but it has Sam being raped by dean too...

>.< stop tempting me woman. Draco just offered Harry 'coffee'!!!

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