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So last night the concert was great, even though Sum 41 completely upstaged The Offspring. We got back with out getting lost which was all thanks to my handy dandy new Iphone *cuddles it.* We had to leave early though because of the evil plague monkey of both Cassie and my back.
I also have this habit of every where I go of running into people I know. Last time it was my friend Mike. The weird part is that we were leaving at exactly the same time. He went for the opener who was horrible. Mike said "his songs really speak to me." Well his horrible guitar playing, mediocre vocals and emo lyrics spoke to me too. They told me to strangle the guy before he pollutes the air again with his bad songs.
I also just spent an hour watching the first X-Men movie and pointing out flaws. I know it's a whole new universe but some things are just concrete. Like example Mystique was never afraid to go to school because she never did. She's been around since pioneer times. And she would never agree to a plan that kills Rogue her foster daughter. I know I'm a geek.
On a side note it's beautiful outside and I can't go out. I've almost completely lost my voice so I'm confined to the house. Probably going to write today or play WoW. I want this cold done with now.

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evil plague monkey is still with me, he made me wake up at 7am coughing. >.< now I have to head over to my grandparents house to house-sit for two weeks. ARGH!

ouch lets just add salt to that wound but don't worry it's still with me too. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be better and I can kidnap you for most of the day.
p.s. i should be done with merlin in around 10 if you want to quest or something.

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