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lets all have sex - torchwood
So as of last night I have a new keyboard. I've already written some on the book but was so tired from annoyances during dinner I was easily distracted. I want the first chapter done by the end of the week and Jacks story done by the end of next week. I'm not even going to put a deadline on Azarai's coming of age story considering it's going to be extremely long.
On another note I got a twitter account for when the website goes up but for now it's going to be used for me trying to kill time. I got bored last night and watched the intro video which makes twitter even more pathetic but I wanted to keep up with Misha Collins posts as well. And Jellybeanslash is on there with Cassie so meh I have them to bug.
Well I'm going back to writing then off to the shower and a late lunch with Tricia.

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