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So I had the weirdest dream last night. It combined Star Trek, Doom, and the NightOthers.
It started off with me having to get on a shuttle to Mars. It was the shuttle in the Star Trek reboot movie and at first I grabbed onto a pole and wasn't letting go. It took the whole crew to get me on. For those of you who don't know me well, I'm terrified of planes of any sort. So even in my dream I refused to go on and when I was on I latched onto my seat like a scared cat. Once we got onto Mars we had to go through the Arc (from Doom) but upon existing we were met with a sort of mini city that was kind of bubbled in with some kind of force field. They were trying to make Mars livable by slowly planting trees and bushes around, building houses and stuff within the force field and moving out whenever possible until the whole plant was able to sustain life. It was pretty cool. I had gone to meet up with friends and help with experiments. My friend Jameek was one of them but when I got there it was so busy I kept getting pushed from one team to another till I was sent on an exploration team. Before that I worked solo on repairs and thats when I used my wings (I guess I was a peri, probably Azarai.) We were put in suits like diver suits and sent to explore a few rock formations. I was exploring a part by my self and a little metallic looking critter came up to my shyly. I reached for it when I heard growling behind me. I turned and it was some kind of larger creature which had weird symbols all over it's body. i stepped in front of the critter and faced off this thing. We fought. I'm pretty sure I was Azarai because I was exceedingly strong and when the creature slashed my gear I was able to still breath and survive without any oxygen. I won then turned and picked up the critter who made this bizarre sound before all it's legs turned needle sharp and dug into my hands. I screamed and went down. Now the beauty of dreams is this now went third person. The rest of my party found me and brought me back. I was slightly turning silver. There were two people that worked there that were always hovering around me. When I woke up they were both at the end of my bed watching me so without warning I threw a shoe at the shorter but younger one. Got him right between the eyes. He yelped and told me to quit it. I then looked down at my hands and screamed and the older man tried to calm me down saying he'd explain and he did. It seems I was chosen by the planet spirits to become it's warrior. I was infused with Mercury... on Mars. Some times I don't question my dreams. I got trained with them. Had a weird UST with the younger of the boys who looked kind of like Chris Pine... I think. All I really remember is he was cute with a slightly large head. Anyways we were on a ship like the Enterprise but with a docking bay that had a wall that only metal could pass through for the planes to go in and out without the suction of vacuum killing us. Anyways we got attacked and I hardened my flesh so it was metal allowing me to go through. Before leaping out through the wall dinosaur head (cute chris pine looking guy) grabs me from behind and pulls me back and explains that I can't do suicide missions sacrificing myself to let the ship get away. Without me Mars would be defenseless and he would miss me. He hugged me and wasn't letting go so I sighed turned and tried explaining to him why it was cool. He grabbed me kissed me and told me that he wouldn't let me kill myself for the greater good. There's no one I could even get to the ship before they killed me. Thats when I looked at him frankly and extracted my wings. Dumbfounded for a minute he went "well you'll die in 6 seconds out there." I looked at him again and shook my head before unwrapping his arms from around me and saying "I heal to quick for even space to kill me" my dream logical is probably not sound but oh well. I kissed him again and said "but thanks for making a fool out of yourself for me. it was cute." and flew out. That's when I woke up.  I've been trying to rearrange this to get an actual plot line out of all day. I don't know if it's possible without having logical like star trek "it sounds like it works? sure it works!" Any thoughts?


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